About Nip.yt

Nip.yt is a smart link platform that is affordable to even the smallest entrepreneur but does not leave anything to be desired by its rivals:

  • Link shortening with the catchy nip.yt domain name.
  • Link shortening with your own branded domain name. This has been proven to improve click-through rates.
  • Multivariate split testing. Compare conversion rates for any number of landing pages.
  • Real Time Analysis of Conversion Rates, Sales Volume, Sales Net of CPC and Cost of Sales.
  • Data subset analysis based on:
    • Referring Domain
    • Country
    • Language
    • Operating System
    • Device Type
    • Browser Type
    • Time of Day
    • Day of Week
    • Your Custom Code (to identify specific versions of an ad, for example)
    • Any combination of the above.
  • Smart links that selectively direct traffic to the landing pages with the best conversion rates for each of the above criteria, or any combination of them.
  • Mobile deep linking.
  • World-class link cloaking.
  • Monthly fee as low as $27.

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Nip.yt is owned and operated by Rochma Consulting Limited, an IT consulting firm based in Poole, United Kingdom.