Get Accurate Answers

When data mining it is vital to have the tools to aggregate data according to the realities that the data represent. You may know that page A outperforms page B. But does it in Europe as well as North America ? On Sunday as well as other days ? On mobiles as well as on the desktop ? Nip.yt Pro lets you ask the toughest questions and get accurate answers.

Split Testing

Nip.yt Free includes straight A/B split testing. Practically speaking this means that one short link is redirected alternately to each of two landing pages that you specify. Conversion tracking is maintained for both pages so you can constantly see which of the two is outperforming the other.

Conversion Tracking

Nip.yt tells you what percentage of visitors to your sales page result in a sale. This is vital information, required by every online business to manage online marketing and sales efforts.

How does it work? When you create a smart link, Nip.yt will provide you with a tracking pixel for each of your Thank You pages. This tracking pixel will forward information to Nip.yt each time the page is viewed, which only happens when a sale is made. This information is then aggregated in charts and reports.

Custom Links

Why settle for boring links like nip.yt/Az7q4B when you could have nip.yt/MySpiffyBrand ?

Use Your Own Domain

Use your own domain, for example http://foo.co/Promo instead of http://nip.yt/xK8y5. This has been proven to improve click-through rates.

Real Time Tracking

The tracking database is maintained in real time so you don’t have to wait for an update before you can view your stats.

Link Cloaking

Protect your affiliate commissions with Nip.yt’s robust cloaking feature. We hide your affiliate link from plain view. In the screen shot below you can see the url bar contains a Nip.yt address whereas the page is from Wikipedia. You cannot see the url in the page source. We are not aware of anyone who has been able to break the cloaking process and discover the actual URL.

Lots of Donuts

Know where your sales are coming from by referring domain, geolocation, language, operating system, device type and browser.

Mobile Deep Linking

For a mobile user, being redirected to their FaceBook or Twitter app instead of a web page can make the difference between a sign-up and just another visitor. Mobile deep linking does this transparently.

Visualise Sales Geographically

View Conversion Rates, Sales Volume, Sales Net of CPC and Cost of Sales geographically.

Time Of Day Histogram

View both traffic volume and conversion rate by time of day. Use the histogram to filter data to a specific time range, for example office hours.

Day Of Week Histogram

Similarly, view your traffic and conversions by weekday. Filter your data to a specific day or number of days, then view your filtered stats on the other charts.

Drill Down

Slice and dice your data to your heart’s content. You can filter your data on any key and cross-compare any combination of traffic sources to identify the winners. Compare Conversion Rates, Sales Volume, Sales Net of CPC and Cost of Sales.

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