Link Tracking Overview

What Is Concept
Every business that promotes itself online must generate traffic one way or another. This traffic can come from many sources :

  • search engines
  • display advertising
  • press releases
  • mobile ads
  • blogs
  • affiliate marketing
  • pay per click advertising
  • social media
  • email advertising


Unfortunately not all traffic sources have reporting tools and those that do are very limited. Measurement methods vary from platform to platform making it necessary to compare apples with oranges.

Missing data must be interpolated. Collating information from various sources requires a major investment in time and effort, and is prone to error.

In short, few people do it, and businesses simply must make critical investment decisions with incomplete knowledge. rises to the challenge by aggregating in one place all of the pertinent information from all of these traffic sources in order to calculate your Return On Investment. It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Traffic Flow

  1. Your tracking link gets clicks from a variety of traffic sources.

  2. gathers important information before sending your visitor to one of your landing pages, either randomly or according to criteria you specify.

  3. Aggregated data are presented in comprehensive reports and charts in real time, and all in one place :

  • Conversion Rates
  • Sales Volume
  • Sales Net of CPC
  • Cost of Sales

Offsite Factors

But there’s much more to this than traffic sources. aggregates additional off-site information that that can be used to gain deeper insight into your traffic and conversions:

  • Referring Domain
  • Browser
  • Device Type
  • Country
  • Operating System & Version
  • Browser’s Language Setting
  • Time of Day
  • Day of Week


Drill down into your data to find the gems. What page converts best :

  • For Windows users during office hours?
  • For Spanish speakers on a mobile device in the USA?

Determine with pinpoint precision the optimal resource to use for any combination of these factors.

Optimize your marketing ROI by directing visitors to the page where they have the highest probability of converting. Redirection rules are based on statistically significant data and you can be certain that they will improve your bottom line.


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